June 2017 Book Haul

Okay, y’all, settle in, because I acquired an ungodly amount of books this month. Although, I did unhaul a ridiculous amount too, so that makes it alright, right? Right?

First up: ARCs recieved

My most anticipated 2017 release! Thanks a million to Hachette for sending me this amazing sequel, I am in love with Maniscalco’s writing and cannot wait to post my review closer to the release date!






Next: Purchased Books


I fell head over heels for Adhieh’s The Wrath and the Dawn, so I had to get my hands on this puppy! You can read all my thoughts on this book here!







Remember those unhauled books I mentioned? Well I donated some, but I also sold some to a nearby used bookstore and got some trade-ins! And yes, that is an ARC of These Broken Stars, I freaked when I found it because I LOVE that series!



If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this: do not discredit your local dollar stores. All four of these I picked up from the Dollar Tree by my apartment. And they had so many more, I just had to control myself. So check your dollar stores regularly and don’t be afraid to dig, because you may find gems like these!


And finally: #booksfortrade

image5If you have books or ARCs you’d like to trade, check out the hashtags #booksfortrade #arcsfortrade and #booksforsale on Twitter. There’s tons of people looking to swap books and unhaul! Holla at my girl Whitney from WhittyNovels for turning me on to this, because I’m addicted now! Here are all the books I got from trades in the last few weeks!


And that’s my haul! Let me know if you’ve read any of these and what your thoughts were! Have you gotten some great finds on the dollar store? Have you tried swapping via #booksfortrade? Share your recent book buys because even though I’m clearly set for the next few months, I’m always eager for new books to look into!

xoxo y’all,


4 thoughts on “June 2017 Book Haul

  1. I recently wondered about checking thrift stores for decent finds. I’ve never gone looking before, so I’m not sure if there would be anything of quality there or not. I have a few used bookstores in town, but their hours aren’t very convenient for someone working a 9 to 5.


  2. Flame in the Mist is SO stunning – I am in love with this cover. Obviously I also want to read the book ahah, I loved The Wrath and The Dawn series and I’m eager to read that one sometime soon 🙂
    This was a great haul – and…you can never aquire too many books 😀

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