Book Discussion: DNFing Books

DNF, standing for Did Not Finish. The term for when a book is not your thing, problematic in ways you didn’t expect or just boring and you decide, screw it, I’m done, and you close the book, moving on to another.

People tend to fall all over the spectrum when it comes to DNFing books. Some people are determined to finish books once they’ve started, hoping that it will redeem itself up till the last page. Some will only DNF if the book turns out to be problematic (i.e. romanticizing abuse). And some, like myself, will freely DNF if a book hasn’t hooked them by a certain page mark.

Myself, I fall somewhere on the side of freely DNFing. If, at around halfway, I just have no real interest in reading the book, I’ll consider DNFing. As a mood reader, I have to really be invested in a book to enjoy reading it. Otherwise, I’ll begin to dread reading it, and it’ll scoot me closer to the dreaded Reading SlumpTM. So for my own peace of reading mind, I’ll DNF a book. However, I will also be open to going back to it in the future. Some people, once they DNF, it’s a done deal. The book has been closed, it’ll be unhauled soon. And I do that most of the time, but if I can tell that it’s a great book and it’s my mood that’s affecting my enjoyment, I’ll keep it around for future consideration. But that’s fairly rare.

But I want to know what you think about DNFing books. Do you give a book until a certain page mark to hook you in? Or do you give every book the benefit of the doubt and finish it? Or are you like me, and fall somewhere in the middle? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Book Discussion: DNFing Books

  1. I used to be a hardcore finisher, no matter what. Until I read a book so bad that I was angry that I finished it. Now I will DNF a book. Usually not on purpose. Usually I’ll float on over to something else for “a while” and never go back.

    I’m slugging my way through an ARC right now. I probably would have stopped by now with a normal read, but since it’s an ARC… I feel obligated to finish.


  2. “Screw it, I’m done” 😂 love it!
    I have a very hard time DNF’ing books. Once I start a book I almost always have to finish it. There are times where I wish I would have DNF’d because it wasted my time. I’m working on it though!


  3. I Dnf books if it doesn’t interest me after 30 pages . life is too short to waste it on books I don’t enjoy .

    I used to try and finish every single book , but the idea of wasting my time on something that brings me no joy while letting so many good books out there is sad ..

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      1. Exactly , so If i finish 100 books a year and live until I’m 80 and I’m 20 now , that’s going to be around 6000 books . and there are millions of books out there! I better choose wisely (a bit of a depressing subject huh?)

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  4. I think before I started reviewing books, I was more of a mood reader and read books that I absolutely enjoyed and would easily put down and forget about a book if I was feeling drawn away from it. Now however, even if I’m not enjoying what I’m reading, I try my hardest to finish because it usually makes for a great negativeee review.
    However, as you say, it leads into the much dreaded reading slump. This definitely happened to me in June. I started the month off great with A Summer of Drowning by Burnside and then once I began reading The Circle from Dave Eggers, it all went downhill from there…
    Great Post, I look forward to reading more from you soon!
    Happy Reading 🙂

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