July 2017 NetGalley ARC Haul: Recent Approvals

I’ve been approved for several NetGalley ARCs recently, so I figured I’d share what they are so you can anticipate reviews in the near future! They are:

Releases August 1, 2017. A YA Paranormal about the Lost Colony of Roanoke and history repeating itself all over again today. Finished this one already. Review coming very soon! Like, tomorrow soon!

Releases July 18, 2017. A modern retelling / time-travel female Robin Hood? SIGN ME THE F*CK UP.

Releases August 29, 2017. The floor is this YA fantasy with a criminal, gender-fluid character and a tournament fight to the death, and this is me:
Image result for lying on the floor face down

Releases September 5, 2017. Mentally ill kids become psychic superheroes; Just throw me into the void, why don’t you.

Are you excited for any of these new releases? Click the cover images to go to the Goodreads page and learn more than my incoherent rambling can provide! And be on the lookout for these reviews soon!

xoxo y’all,


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