Book Discussion: On Being a Mood Reader

We’re all mood readers to an extent. We get excited about a certain book or are on a roll within a certain genre, and there’s no better feeling that loving the book you’re reading. But some readers find it damn near impossible to stick to a TBR or any arbitrary list, because it’s not guaranteed to be what we want at that moment in the future.

Mood reading is both a blessing and a curse, tbh. Being a mood reader means that you choose your next book based on what you’re feeling, not any particular list or TBR. This is great because you never know what your next read is going to be and every time it’s kind of an adventure choosing it. Will it be romance, sci-fi, ya, adult, middle grade? Who knows? You sure don’t until you finish your current read and feel the itch for the next one.

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But the downside to being a mood reader is that it can be a hindrance at times. If you have to read a book, whether for class, review or whatever, if you’re not feeling the vibe of the book, you’re probably not going to enjoy it. And for mood readers, it can be difficult to invest ourselves in something if we don’t have the predisposition to enjoy it. It may be a great book, but if it’s not what we feel we want/need at that moment, we can begin to dislike or even resent the book.

Some people are not mood readers and I envy the crap out of y’all! You can go into any book with a blank slate and go wherever it takes you. Will you always like it? Not necessarily, but being open to anything and everything at any time is definitely something I, as a mood reader, wish I could do at times!

Are you a mood reader? Have you done away with TBRs and follow your gut when it comes to the next book you should read or are you more organized and are able to go into every new book with a willingness to be swept away in the world, regardless of any book cravings? Let me know in the comments and let’s discuss!

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2 thoughts on “Book Discussion: On Being a Mood Reader

  1. I’m definitely a mood reader and it can be a nightmare when I find that all the books on my need to read list are the wrong genre for my mood (all heavy dark thrillers when I want a light and fluffy romance). I do try to make sure there’s a good mix of books on my reading plan so I can move them around without missing review dates but sometimes I have to deviate and just read that fluffy romance 😀


  2. I’m a huuuuuge mood reader. Summer always calls to me and yells “romance time!” in my ear, so all of a sudden.. I can’t seem to read anything else. Just romance. [At least when the weather actually shows it’s summer.]
    It takes a hell of a good book out of the genre to snap me out of it. I’ve been reading one romance novel after the other, but started ACOTAR the day before yesterday and it seems to have done the trick. [Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m not jinxing it right now.]
    I do sometimes create a TBR-list though. But I put all kinds of genres on it so I’ll always have something to fit my mood, haha.


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