Top 5 Wednesday (on a Thursday): Children’s Books

Top 5 Wednesday on a Thursday; I have no shame, it’s fine! This week is Children’s books so let’s begin, shall we?

If you’re a 90’s baby and you tell me you never read these as a kid, I straight up don’t believe you. They were one of the first series I remember reading with my mother and definitely were one of the books that got me hooked on reading! Pretty much, these kids discover a time traveling tree house and shit routinely hits the fan.

We all know it; Ms. Frizzle was the shit. And we all wished we could have her for a teacher, because c’mon. The title says it all: a mothereffin’ magic school bus. My dad and I read these when I was young and it got me hooked on science as a kid. These suckers are timeless, I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

I am convinced this bitch is the reason we all have so many sarcasm and sass issues as a generation. Junie B Jones was hilarious, adorable and just straight up fun. Definitely for a younger crowd but ask any 90’s baby and we will praise this shit to the high heavens.

These were the first books I ordered from Amazon because I read the first one and begged my father that I somehow acquire the next 8 ASAP. It was also the first book series where I got busted for reading past my bedtime (whoops!). It’s a sci-fi fantasy mish-mash that is perfect for any youngin’!

Who else had to read this puppy for school? And who else fell in love with Roy, Beatrice and Mullet Fingers? This is a great book with more depth and heart than most books we read at that age, and I will forever love this book and it’s cringy movie adaptation (early Logan Lerman and the kid from Hannah Montanta def had some underlying sexual tension lol)



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