Book Review: No Good Deed by Kara Connolly


Release Date: July 18, 2017
Read Date: July 26, 2017
My Rating: 4/5 stars

I received this book from Netgalley and tbh, read it in my downtime at work in one day (it was a slow work day lol). When I first read the synopsis, I fell in love and HAD to read it! And this sucker did not disappoint.

No Good Deed follows Ellie, a young archer and Olympic hopeful who accidentally gets thrown back into twelfth century England and finds herself in the legendary Nottinghamshire, home of Robin Hood. As she tries to find her way back home, she unwittingly becomes a bigger part of the legend that she ever dreamed.

Let me just praise the girl power/feminism in this book, you guys. IT IS SO GOOD. I am in love with Ellie’s character and the way she handles the whole situation. We’ve all seen the “normal human thrown into the crazy” trope and while some characters take forever to come to terms with it and end up giving us So. Much. Infodump shit, Ellie’s just like “F*ck it” and rolls with the punches, even as she’s getting her sea legs. Plus, her narration is pure gold, I love her voice.

loved the adaptation aspect, and I’m not even too familiar with the Robin Hood legend. Someone who loves Robin Hood will fall in love with the reimagining of the story.

The one thing that bugged me was that I felt the end was kind of rushed and that this could have made a bomb-ass duology. I love standalones, but there was just so much more to unpack in this world, and it could have been easily extended. Also, there was a lot of sexual tension between Ellie and 3 different men, but nothing was ever really resolved (well, kind of, but not really. Read the book, you’ll know what I mean), which left me wanting a sequel as well. Lots of the relationships between Ellie and main squad felt left hanging.

Overall, I loved this book and gobbled it up so quickly. The writing is so entertaining and you fall in love with every character, even the prickly ones. I highly recommend for anyone who wants some kickass female characters, a great medieval setting and a creative adaptation of one of the most well-known legends of all time.

xoxo y’all,

**I received a free advance copy of this book for review. All opinions are uninfluenced and my own.


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